Puppet Shows

You will NOT find a better hand puppet show.  Our puppeteer has worked with Jim Henson and "The Muppets" and offers and incredibly fascinating and educational show that kid's love.

The GiftPistachio and Almondine: a classic puppet tale.

Pistachio, is on his way to his friend Almondine's house with a birthday gift - a hat. Since is so far away, he decides to rest. While he rests, Mr. Punch mistakes the hat for a dust rag and uses it to clean up his messy room. When Pistachio wakes, Mr. Punch, with the help from the Wizard, assists Pistachio in finding another hat suitable for Almondine.

Each hat momentarily transports Pistachio into a different situation: a baseball hat and suddenly he is playing a game of baseball; a ran hat brings an umbrella to protect him from the unexpected rain; a Native American headdress - a tribal drum and rattle appear and Pistachio dances.

Each hat is loads of fun, but doesn't seem right to Almondine. The Judge appears to bring order into the situation and finds the perfect fit. Since it happens to be Mr. Punch's dust rag and he refuses to give it up, the Judge, with the help of the audience, decides who gets to keep it. His decision is a big surprise for everyone, but pleases Almond immensely.

How Good Is The Show?

"Delicately crafted, superb shadow creations..."
Lynne Heffley, L.A.Times
Mr. Ritz-Barr is an amazing talent... and just for kids to be around an artist such as he is a great and inspiring experience... The subject matter crosses over perfectly into the school curriculum - social studies, poetry and drama. We thought Native Dreams was fabulous experience for our students and recommend it for anybody and hope we will be fortunate enough to see it again next year."
Marianna Arce,
2nd grade teacher
Felton Elementary, Lennox, CA
fun puppet characters!"...His theatrical shadow show takes the time to explain origins of stories, of myths and his interaction with the audience serves to inspire as well as enlighten"
Justin Yoffe, Cultural Arts Program
Supervisor, City of Santa Monica
"I had the great pleasure of working with Steven... on UCLA Worldfest Family Day. It is an annual event that celebrates and displays the Institution's rich cultural diversity through presentations to the entire campus."
Pamela Cysner,
UCLA Programming Advisor